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Do you want to bring teams and project groups forward by means of productive exchanges? We ensure successful communication processes and commitment!

Why Moderation?

Jointly developed approaches to solutions are more productive than mere instructions. Discourses, however, must be cleverly thought out and competently moderated. More complex projects require a well-thought-out discourse strategy.

Lars Gaede und Judith Muster
©A. Kern
©A. Kern

What is Metaplan‘s unique perspective in the context of moderation:

Understanding in organizations requires successful interaction. We have developed a moderation method that ensures this interaction.

Thinking is trial and error, and discourses create the necessary space for this trial and error.

Advancements of work methods require advancements of moderation methods – and we have decades of experience with this.

Successful moderation keeps an eye on the relationships within the organization. Which actors pursue which interests, who has which power resources, and where do relationships of trust or mistrust prevail?

Moderation ranges from the design of individual conversations to the creation of extensive workshop series and complex processes of understanding. We help you determine what exactly you need.

Questions that we can help you answer

Who should be included in the discourse and when?

What exactly do the actors need to think about and agree on?

What inputs does the discussion need?

Which interaction techniques are particularly suitable for what?

How do you ensure that the actors’ arguments are heard?

How do you move from talk to action?

Discover our seminars

Moderation Training

Leading meetings and workshops in a structured manner.

Location: Live-Online, Quickborn/Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf
Language: English, German
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Training on Workshop Design

Shaping collaboration effectively.

Location: Live-Online, Quickborn/Hamburg
Language: German
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Training on Discourse Leadership

Revealing existing patterns of thought

Location: Quickborn/Hamburg, Live-Online
Language: German
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Tool-Session Moderation

If you like to gain an overview about supportive tools for online moderation, join the Metaplan Tool-Session.

Location: Live-Online
Language: German
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Discover our programs

Executive Program for Organizational Leadership

Executives learn how to apply the two strongest levers to create impact: Organizational structures and Leadership impulses.




36 live & online sessions



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Metaplan Moderation Program

The Metaplan Moderation Programm for those who want to take the lead in discourses: moderation techniques, workshop design and discourse strategy.


In-person, remote


3 seminars + additional sessions


German, English

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Our consultants are on site in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA – and wherever you need them.