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Mindset Change

Do you want your employees to change their mindset? We show you how you can facilitate this kind of change!

Why mindset change?

Many change initiatives meet with resistance. This is often attributed to the mindset of employees. Accordingly, management then focuses their efforts on changing this mindset. Which experiences help when trying out a different way of thinking – and which conditions will enable a change in behavior?

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What is Metaplan‘s unique perspective in the context of mindset change:

People’s mindset usually functions in the circumstances in which they find themselves. We help you to understand how this came about in your specific case.

Methods and formats such as Learning Journeys, Digital Labs, and Action Learning Settings help to create such experiences. We’ll put our heads together and think about which would be suitable for you.

People do not change on demand and by instruction. We show you where to start instead.

Structures are needed to transform experiences into change. We work with you on the question of which specific structures you should create.

People change through experience and going through something specific. Together with you, we consider which experiences need to be made possible.

Questions that we can help you answer

What kind of problems can a mindset change solve?

Why is the mindset of your employees the way it is?

How do you construct new social realities together?

How can management influence the behavior of employees?

What experiences will bring your employees to change their mindset?

What structures are needed to promote a changed mindset?

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Executive Program for Organizational Leadership

Executives learn how to apply the two strongest levers to create impact: Organizational structures and Leadership impulses.




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3 seminars + additional sessions


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Our consultants are on site in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA – and wherever you need them.