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Life Sciences

The life sciences ecosystem is extraordinarily complex, which makes consulting projects in this area a special challenge. We overcome them by leveraging our many years of experience with the diverse issues in this field, from strategy development to brand planning.

Metaplan Life Science

What is it fundamentally about?

The life science sector, like others, is shaped by organizations; therefore, what applies to other industries and ecosystems also applies here. If you want to successfully develop new strategies and business models, keep an eye on the market and customers, and ensure cooperation and collaboration within your own organization and beyond, you would do well to start by analyzing and shaping the circumstances! If you need support on this, you can count on us!

Beyond that, especially when relationships are complex and even confusing at first glance, a deep understanding of the interrelationships is needed. This is the case in the life sciences ecosystem. We have acquired precisely this deep understanding over the years and are therefore in a position to work at very different levels in this area, from overall strategic orientation to divisional or product strategies; from fundamental realignment in new or rapidly changing market environments, to optimization of internal structures. Everywhere, the tools of our consultancy, backed by organizational science, combined with many years of broad professional experience in the life sciences ecosystem, come into play.

Current events

We invite you to engage in discourse with us about your challenges.

Community Insight Event: Re:organize in Life Sciences (remote)

In concrete terms this means:

We know the logic of health-care markets.

We understand the requirements and processes of development, production and supply chain management as well as regulatory affairs and health care technology assessment.

We work in almost all therapeutic areas (oncology, hematology, CV, gene therapy, ophthalmology, immunology, CNS, respiratory …).

We know what makes organizations tick, work in the division of labor in life-science organizations, specialize in compliance, and understand the possibilities and limitations of evidence generation, disease awareness, and marketing.

We engage in scientific discussions, but also understand the organizational and economic conditions in which health-care providers work in health-care systems.

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For which specific questions is our expertise particularly useful?

Our expertise is particularly valuable for specific concerns within the life-sciences sector related to promoting the uptake of products into clinical care settings.

We do this by ensuring discourse with key stakeholders to create a solid foundation for medically and commercially successful management of products and processes.

We do this by ensuring discourse with key stakeholders to create a solid foundation for medically and commercially successful management of products and processes.

Our Experience – Our Portfolio

We have extensive knowledge of the medical sector; we understand and speak the language of everyone involved.

We have a keen eye for the inner logic of organizations and stakeholders, particularly in the life-sciences ecosystem.

We maintain a view of what all medical innovations have in common: the necessity of moving away from previous routines, because new products, work processes or applications cast into question medical and financial norms – in diagnostics, the reimbursement of costs, or in interdisciplinary cooperation.

We place our experience-based expertise at your disposal so that our clients can successfully manage the necessary processes of change. Together we develop strategies that fully exploit a product’s medical and commercial potential, in every phase of its life cycle.

We design results-oriented interactions with specialized medical staff.

What advantages are there to working with Metaplan?

  1. Productive interaction

With our expertise and experience in the health sector, we ensure that contributions from the most important stakeholders lead to effective interactions, so that arguments and opinions can be exchanged, discussed and visualized. This delivers the insights that form the foundation for further work.

2. Immediate results

We leverage our long experience in the facilitation of interactions between experts and deliver results very quickly. We think ahead to necessary interactions, present complex inputs in a way that is transparent to everyone, and take up points of tension so that they become the subject of productive discourses between experts.

3. Comprehensive insights

We think in terms of the organization, not individual interests. While doing so, we always keep an eye on the diverse interests and perspectives of stakeholders. This enables us to generate insights for our clients that go far beyond purely medical analyses – and thereby help assure the success of products.

How do we support our clients?

We facilitate the discourses that are necessary and meaningful in the respective situation – from HCPs to the relevant stakeholders within your company. We know from experience what matters when dealing with stakeholders at all levels.

We know that different stakeholders naturally think and act differently. We make sure that these differences become comprehensible and understandable.

We deliberately do not avoid differences of opinion; we use them to gain important insights and knowledge precisely from the tensions that become apparent as a result.

We stage exchange formats in such a way that the different perspectives of the relevant stakeholders become comprehensible to others. This gives those involved in the process the chance to reassess their own attitudes.

Selected Case Studies

Case Study
Launch of a new cancer drug

Case Study about a simultaneous change of a therapy algorithm.

Metaplan Moderation
Case Study
The launch of the first cancer drug

Preparation of a fully-fledgedlaunch strategy to prepare the market for the paradigm shift to achieve exclusive branding.

Our consultants are on site in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA – and wherever you need them.