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Room for thought

Space as Structure. The Metaplan Campus in Quickborn, Germany.

Workshop time should be time well spent. To do that, you have to invite the right people. Those who can contribute; those who can get something going. You involve these people in the preparation phase. You have to know the topics at hand. You develop a dramaturgy, a sequence of well-timed inputs and questions. This goes a long way towards making a workshop successful. And then you make the mistake of holding the workshop in your own conference room. Colleagues arrive late (“I had another short meeting with my team”). They sit down at the conference table, entrenching themselves behind their laptops. They run out to quickly take care of something … The intention was to work on an important topic in a focused, undisturbed, and concentrated manner in order to finally take a step forward, address the latent conflicts, and explore possible courses of action.

Metaplan Forum Raum
Metaplan Forum Raum

But this also requires suitable spaces that provide room for possibilities, thinking, action and play. Workshop rooms should invite people to think and talk without distractions and to generate ideas while talking to each other. The light is invigoratingly bright, the acoustics are pleasantly soft, the gaze is allowed to wander into nature. People like to step outside the door to get some fresh air for the next round of thinking. If the room also provides materials for visualization and flexible furnishings, and if physical well-being is taken care of, then you realize how enabling and supportive the structure of a space can be.

At Metaplan, we have known this for over 50 years. That is why, together with the architects at WackerZeiger and with artistic support from Armin Chodzinski, we have brought the “Metaplan Forum,” our campus in Quickborn, up to the latest standards. Reminders of the past have found just as much space as the latest technology for the design of hybrid workshop formats involving people who cannot attend in person.

Welcome! We look forward to seeing you!

The Metaplan Forum 50 years ago

COVID-19 Hygiene Concept for the Metaplan Forum

  • We are guided by the 2G + rule.
  • The following applies to Metaplan Academy events: Participants who have been vaccinated or have recovered must carry out a CoV-2 antigen self-test before the start of the event. We provide tests that have a high level of specificity and sensitivity. These can be used with or without instructions at a test site.
  • Guests who are neither vaccinated nor recovered cannot be admitted to our in-person events due to the current situation.
  • For customer events, we come to an agreement on similar regulations, together with our client-side contacts, before holding an in-person event on our premises.
  • Our seminar rooms are very large, which enables us to make sure that the social distancing rules can be observed at all times. We ensure that the number of people present is limited accordingly.
  • Our rooms are ventilated regularly. We have installed filter systems that almost completely filter out aerosols and viruses. All rooms, sanitary facilities and surfaces are cleaned daily.
  • Hand sanitizers are available.
  • We provide disposable medical masks for use upon request.
  • Since we know the individuals who work at the Forum, we can fully trace contacts should this become necessary.

Our consultants are on site in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA – and wherever you need them.