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META® Trainings

Good moderation ensures that points of view can be expressed openly. Open communication is important for a broad spectrum of organizational life: process innovation, conflict resolution, strategic decision-making.

Our META® training and META® advanced training enables you to conduct meetings and workshops, even on complex topics. In addition to the theoretical contexts and technical aspects, we also provide you with the necessary real tools, whether it’s an on-site workshop or an online meeting. META® means being well positioned for the overall context of facilitation.

META® Trainings


We will teach you different moderation techniques.

Workshop Design

Let us teach you how to let your questions guide your set-up design.

Discourse Management

We’ll teach you how to analyze thought patterns and discursively influence them in such a way that new spaces for action emerge.

Moderation Program

We train you as a moderator. The training program includes all three training sessions: “Moderation,” “Workshop Design,” and “Discourse Management.”

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

META® Resources

Basic knowledge of the Metaplan moderation method

Our handout on what makes good card-based moderation.

META® Digital Toolbox

Get your card moderation kit for online meetings!

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On-site Commitment

We will lend you the seminar technology you need for events that are moderated according to the Metaplan moderation method.

In addition, we can take care of the delivery and collection of the material for you and check before each seminar that the material has arrived on time, complete and undamaged.

META® Moderation Walls

Enable working together, where otherwise you could only look at something together.

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META® Moderation Case

Everything you need for a successful workshop, in one case.

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©A. Kern
©A. Kern