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Organizational Design

Do your organizational structures no longer fit your challenges? We will help you to redevelop the dynamics of your organization!

Why Organizational Design?

Organizations develop their power by sharing work. Whoever wants to shape organizations must first confront central questions: Which principles do you want to apply to divide up the work? How do you reunite them later? And how do you deal with the pain that regularly arises in the process? Harmony remains an illusion. Tensions are structurally inherent. Dealing with them productively determines success. Shaping organizations means deciding what to argue about – and where unity must prevail.

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

What is Metaplan‘s unique perspective in the context of organizational design:

We provide you with organizational science terminology to help you better understand your organization.

We think through the consequences of your decisions with you.

We ask you: What problem would you like to solve by changing your structure?

Who do you involve in the design process and when – and how do you set up this process in the first place?

We analyze with you which structures should be changed to solve the problem.

Questions that we can help you answer

How is work apportioned in your organization today, and what are the consequences?

What are the interests of the relevant stakeholders?

Where do you start with your first implementation steps?

What do you want to improve, and what do you want to maintain?

How can you balance the power relations in your organization?

What do structural decisions do to the culture of your organization?

Discover our seminars

Network Meeting for Executive Program Alumni

The Network Meeting is open for all Alumni of the Metaplan Executive Leadership Program and interested participants for the upcoming 2023 program cycle.

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Moderation Training

Leading meetings and workshops in a structured manner.

Location: Live-Online, Quickborn/Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf
Language: English, German
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Training on Workshop Design

Shaping collaboration effectively.

Location: Live-Online, Quickborn/Hamburg
Language: German
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Training on Discourse Leadership

Revealing existing patterns of thought

Location: Quickborn/Hamburg, Live-Online
Language: German
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Discover our programs

Executive Program for Organizational Leadership

Executives learn how to apply the two strongest levers to create impact: Organizational structures and Leadership impulses.




36 live & online sessions



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Metaplan Moderation Program

The Metaplan Moderation Programm for those who want to take the lead in discourses: moderation techniques, workshop design and discourse strategy.


In-person, remote


3 seminars + additional sessions


German, English

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Our consultants are on site in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA – and wherever you need them.