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Digital Transformation

Do you want a digital transformation that takes a holistic view not only of technical processes but also of the organization? We help you to start in the right places!

Why Digital Transformation?

Digitization offers an infinite number of starting points for the development of your organization – but how do you find out where you should start first and how to set up the transformation process in an organization-smart way? The starting point is not the question of technological possibilities, but of your organization and the specific challenges it faces.

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

What is important to us in connection with Digital Transformation

Many digitization projects fail due to resistance from the organization. That is why we ask about the effects of technological solutions on the structures and processes of the organization and on the interests of the organization’s members.

It is seldom quite clear what the specific goals of a digital transformation are. We help you see more clearly on this point.

Digitization projects often aim to raise existing processes to a higher technical level. To ensure that this succeeds, we first analyze together with you how work is really being done at the moment.

When working with you, we are not only interested in organizational charts, business processes and SOPs, but also in workarounds, short official channels and the specific working culture of your organization. This informal side largely determines the success or failure of digital transformations.

Does digital transformation require new organizational or leadership models? We think with you about what will be easier with new models – and what you’ll be getting yourself into.

Should you start immediately at the level of the entire organization, or would it help to pilot the new in selected areas first? We work with you to determine the right approach for your digitization project.

Questions that we can help you answer:

How are digital transformation and organization related?

What role do informal structures play in the digitization of existing processes?

What good experiences have you already had – and what mistakes do you want to avoid?

What has made it difficult to implement digitization initiatives so far – and how can this be changed?

What follow-up problems of successful digitization need to be anticipated?

How do you not only design new ways of working and processes – but also ensure that they are anchored in the organization’s everyday life?

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How do you avoid digital transformation failing the organization?

Selected articles and insights

Whitepaper Digitale Transformation
The blind spot

Why digital transformation processes usually fail because of the organization – and what you can do about it.
This white paper shows for four central areas of the organization what problems you can expect and how to deal with them.

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