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Learning Journey: Developing Strategies & Markets

What does a good strategy amount to? How do you determine strategic directions and how are they related to mission and purpose? How do you align your own business model with the development of your markets and eco-systems? Which stakeholders, success patterns or factors do you have to consider – and which of them can you influence? – If you as an executive are faced with these or similar questions, we look forward to developing answers together with you!

Who is the seminar aimed at?

This is the right seminar for you as a leader, if you want to successfully position your own organization/unit regarding the development of markets, business models and eco-systems at the same time evaluating strategic options and aligning stakeholders behind them.

What will you learn?

A comprehensive understanding of strategy and business model development that integrates the question of implementation right from the start by productively engaging those responsible for execution. A view of markets and eco-systems that helps identify and leverage entry points for effective influence. An approach that uses a variety of effective tools and concepts while at same time keeping the responsibility for the overall process.

What do you take away?

How do you create a productive strategy process?

How do you detect current success patterns, that are hidden, but strategically relevant?

How do chose the right strategic initiative from a multitude of options?

How do you tap into the interests and unarticulated needs of customers?

How can you effectively influence the development of these ecosystems?

How do you ensure alignment in your own organization when implementing strategy?

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

What makes it special?

  • Intensive guidance and practical relevance: We orchestrate deep dives with a maximum of 6 participants – always supervised by a Metaplanner who contributes his/her experience from concrete consulting projects.
  • Concrete application: We work on actual business challenges of the participants with a strong focus on immediate implementation after the seminar, because this always leads to the planning of concrete next steps.
  • Exchange and networking: In the seminars, managers from different organizations, industries, countries and cultural backgrounds discuss and learn together – even beyond the seminar through the established Metaplan network.

Price and dates


For participation 3.300,00 €* *Total: 3.927,00 € - incl. 19% VAT

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Learning Journey: Developing Strategies & Markets?

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