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Ecosystem Design

Do you want to take your business to the next level? We show you how you can better understand and help shape the ecosystems!

Why Ecosystem Design?

Are you thinking about new strategies and business models? Do you want to break free from an increasingly problematic market environment or test new value-added offerings? We help you think through all of the questions involved.

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

What is Metaplan‘s unique perspective in the context of ecosystem design:

We support you in a precise assessment of your current position and how you can make changes to how you operate within the ecosystem.

Together, we analyze the existing framework conditions that a new business model would encounter.

We think through how you can take your existing business model beyond your current customers and walk through completely new business models with you.

We think about, which regulations are particularly relevant and how you can influence them.

We help you to determine where exactly you should start fresh – and which existing experiences you can use.

Questions that we can help you answer

What are the success factors in your ecosystem?

How can you influence these aspects?

Who outside your own organization can you influence – and to what end?

What are the differentiating aspects in your market environment?

How can you create market disruption – and what will it take?

How can you understand customers differently than before? What questions should you ask?

Discover our seminars

Network Meeting for Executive Program Alumni

The Network Meeting is open for all Alumni of the Metaplan Executive Leadership Program and interested participants for the upcoming 2023 program cycle.

Location: -
Language: -
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Moderation Training

Leading meetings and workshops in a structured manner.

Location: Live-Online, Quickborn/Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf
Language: English, German
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Training on Workshop Design

Shaping collaboration effectively.

Location: Live-Online, Quickborn/Hamburg
Language: German
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Training on Discourse Leadership

Revealing existing patterns of thought

Location: Quickborn/Hamburg, Live-Online
Language: German
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Discover our programs

Executive Program for Organizational Leadership

Executives learn how to apply the two strongest levers to create impact: Organizational structures and Leadership impulses.




36 live & online sessions



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Metaplan Moderation Program

The Metaplan Moderation Programm for those who want to take the lead in discourses: moderation techniques, workshop design and discourse strategy.


In-person, remote


3 seminars + additional sessions


German, English

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Our consultants are on site in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA – and wherever you need them.