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META® Consulting

Our approach means that we enter your company without assumptions made in advance. We are convinced that anyone who wants to advise organizations must first understand the dynamics of the company in question. META® starts by taking the time to observe the big picture – the circumstances – rather than starting with individual behaviors. To be sure, there are individuals who act within companies. Yet their behavior is shaped by their environment.

META® consulting includes services tailored to the respective organization. We only show a number of exemplary products here to illustrate and visualize our approach to consulting.

META® Consulting Services

META® Cultural Process

We analyze and advise you on cultural changes in your company.

META® Organizational Design

Together with you, we will examine your company structure and advise you on the adaptation of your organizational design.

META® Leadership Program

We support you in identifying the leadership challenges in your company, and train your staff to meet them.

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

META® Resources

META® Innovation

Using the META® innovation heuristic, we advise you on how to increase your innovation capability.

META® Structure Matrix

We enable you to independently use the META® structure matrix to clarify strategic challenges – and offer consulting support as a matter of course.

Our consultants are on site in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA – and wherever you need them.