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Do you want better leadership in your organization? We will show you which structures you need and how to provide effective inspiration.

Why Leadership?

Leadership and hierarchy are no longer the same thing. In successful organizations, leadership is no longer tied to a role in the organizational chart – leadership is about finding solutions to problems.

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What is Metaplan‘s unique perspective in the context of leadership:

If leadership is solely a task for managers, it quickly becomes overwhelming. We will show you how leadership can be defined more precisely.

Leadership and structure are closely associated. We will show you how managers can focus on key critical moments, and when it is better to create structures.

Leadership means providing orientation. We will show you why this should also come from other people, not just managers.

We show you how managers can create and secure spaces in which others can then also take the lead.

Leadership is needed in specific individual cases because not everything can be put into rules.

Questions that we can help you answer:

What stands in the way of a change in leadership culture in organizations?

How do you prevent everyone from running in different directions when everyone is allowed to take the lead?

As a leader, how can you focus on securing allegiance to the good suggestions of others?

How can you motivate yourself and others to take on more personal responsibility?

How can you make the departure from the idea of the heroic leader as painless as possible?

Where do you need leadership, and where is it better to rely on structure?

Discover our seminars

Content Tasting: Executive Leadership Program

The Content Tasting shows you how we work and what you will learn in each individual Learning Journey that compose the program.

Location: Live-Online
Language: English
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Network Meeting for Executive Program Alumni

The Network Meeting is open for all Alumni of the Metaplan Executive Leadership Program and interested participants for the upcoming 2023 program cycle.

Location: Live-Online
Language: English
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Moderation Training

Leading meetings and workshops in a structured manner.

Location: Quickborn/Hamburg, Live-Online, Munich, Düsseldorf
Language: English, German
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Training on Workshop Design

Shaping collaboration effectively.

Location: Live-Online, Quickborn/Hamburg
Language: German
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Discover our programs

Executive Program for Organizational Leadership

Executives learn how to apply the two strongest levers to create impact: Organizational structures and Leadership impulses.




36 live & online sessions



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Metaplan Moderation Program

The Metaplan Moderation Programm for those who want to take the lead in discourses: moderation techniques, workshop design and discourse strategy.


In-person, remote


3 seminars + additional sessions


German, English

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Our consultants are on site in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA – and wherever you need them.