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Learning Journey: Leading Transformation & Innovation

What is leadership? Why is leadership not the same as hierarchy? How do you plan change processes and achieve actual transformation? What role do micropolitics, leadership and hierarchy play in the implementation? What is behind the concept of innovation – and how do you implement it in your current organization? How is leadership related to innovation? – If you are an executive looking for answers to these questions, we look forward to learning with you!

Who is the seminar meant for?

This is the right seminar for you as a leader, if you want to achieve transformation and provide orientation in your organization, at the same time creating space for innovative ideas and winning the right stakeholders for their implementation.

What will you learn?

A progressive leadership approach that goes beyond the outdated image of the heroic leader. A concept of innovation that focuses not only on the good idea, but also on the necessary conditions for its implementation. Concrete procedures for setting leadership impulses in such a way that innovation and change become possible.

This seminar is part of a program. Executive Program for Organizational Leadership

What do you take away?

How to master the micropolitical game by successfully orchestrating the needed dimensions of interests, power and trust?

How to set leadership impulses to successfully exert influence in critical moments?

How do you find and use the innovative approaches that already exist in every organization beyond the official rules and processes?

What structures promote the emergence of innovative ideas – and how do you bring them to life?

How can the relationship between hierarchy and innovation be shaped productively?

How do you ensure shared learning within the organization?

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

What makes it special?

  • Intensive guidance and practical relevance: We orchestrate deep dives with a maximum of 6 participants – always supervised by a Metaplanner who contributes his/her experience from concrete consulting projects.
  • Concrete application: We work on actual business challenges of the participants with a strong focus on immediate implementation after the seminar, because this always leads to the planning of concrete next steps.
  • Exchange and networking: In the seminars, managers from different organizations, industries, countries and cultural backgrounds discuss and learn together – even beyond the seminar through the established Metaplan network.

Price and dates


For participation 3.300,00 €* *Total: 3.927,00 € - incl. 19% VAT

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Learning Journey: Leading Transformation & Innovation?

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This seminar is a part of a program

The Executive program consists of three seminars and additional sparring sessions. You can join the program with the beginning of every seminar and you can choose the order of the Learning Journeys.

Executive Program for Organizational Leadership

Executives learn how to apply the two strongest levers to create impact: Organizational structures and Leadership impulses.




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