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Consulting Products

Every organization has its own problems. That’s why standard solutions rarely help.

Nevertheless, you will find some consulting products here – so that you can get an idea of how we would approach certain topics in principle and which approaches have proven successful in the past. We have sorted them according to the questions that are always at the center of our work.

Of course, we would deviate from the described standard procedure wherever it seems sensible to you and us. At the same time, however, we know: It is easier to talk to each other when the basic procedure is described – and we look forward to such discussions with you!

Our consulting products at a glance

Organizational Design Process

How does one understand the inherent logics of the organization – and where can organizational design start?

Culture Process

How do you make cultural phenomena discussable – and how do you influence them?

Metaplan Cultural Process

Market Exploration

How do you succeed in understanding customers and markets?


How do you deal with the fact that different things are considered relevant in the organization?

Delphi Product


How do you design organizations to succeed in retaining employees?

Business Planning

How do you design organizations to succeed in retaining employees?

Organizational Heatmap

How do you avoid digital transformation failing the organization?

Post Merger Integration

How do you ensure common direction and clear structures and strategies in the new organization?

Post Merger Integration
METAPLAN Organizationally smart onboarding

Onboarding Process

How do decision-makers in their new role quickly take effective action?

New Leadership Program

How can managers respond to complex challenges – and what design levers can they use to do so?

Organizational Design Sparring

As a leader, how can you effectively shape your organization?

Digital Innovation Program

How do you make digital innovations fly?

Our consultants are on site in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the USA – and wherever you need them.