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re:organize – Peer Learning in Life Sciences 2024

Models of Convergence –
How Life Science companies integrate responsibilities

In times of increasing pressure in the life science industry, there is an organizational trend leaning towards the adaption of Models of Convergence. Companies tend to integrate responsibilities on a functional level, a portfolio level and/or between inhouse and field functions. New Roles are implemented to overcome functional boundaries. Companies establish end-to-end responsibilities to steer resources.

We want to explore this topic further to understand the up- and downside of the organizational dynamics behind Models of Convergence.

Keynote speakers will share their experiences and insights about specific organizational changes. In an interactive format participants will exchange how to manage these changes.

Who is the peer learning aimed at?

Executives from the life science industry who are facing the challenges of achieving more with the same or even less resources due to shortened life cycles, changing business models, emerging discussions regarding re-imbursement or markets customers that are more difficult to reach; seeking new ways to organize the division of labor in the life science industry.

What insights will we share?

  • A comprehensive understanding of the organizational dynamics following the re-organization of ways of working.
  • Individual experiences from experts in different companies on what organizational changes have been successful in the recent past.
  • We will reveal patterns from selected examples and de-generalize how organizations have adapted to changes in the ecosystem.

What questions will we explore?

What is the call to action to integrate responsibilities in organizations?

What models of convergence do organizations pursue to address their challenges?

How do organizations integrate responsibilities, introduce new roles and allocate resources differently?

How to steer organizational change mobilizing the full potential?

For what organizational problems can models of convergence be a solution?

What might be unintended consequences?

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

What makes it special?

A comprehensive 1,5h peer exchange addressing one of the biggest challenges companies in the life science industry currently face

Deep dives into specific examples that create relevance for your own practice

A strong focus on implementation of organizational concepts

The opportunity to engage in discourse with peers who are facing similar challenges

Please note that this event is intended exclusively for executives and professionals from the life science industry.

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