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Training on Workshop Design

Moderated workshops are a central component of processes related to strategy development, organizational development, and transformation. Workshops are spaces for thinking in which participants can wrestle with shared ideas and solutions, whether in-person or online.

Who is this seminar meant for?

This seminar is the right one for you if you already have moderation experience and would like to learn how to design purpose-driven workshops that you can lead with confidence.

What will you learn?

  • How can we understand discourse as a leadership issue?
  • How can you apply complex interaction techniques: in question sequences, paratheses, small group work, evaluation of group work, …
  • How do you develop a workshop dramaturgy with precise questions, efficient small group work, debate, and securing results?
  • How do you implement the three-step approach (clarification of the task and definition of objectives – exploratory discussions – workshop implementation)?
  • How do you organize and manage complex discussion sequences in the preparation and implementation of workshops?
This seminar is part of a program. Metaplan Moderation Program

What will you take away?

Concrete tools for immediate practical application – tried and tested for decades and continuously developed.

Suggestions and materials for learning more about the content.

New contacts who will expand your personal network.

Application experiences from working with specific case studies brought in by participants.

Documentation of the content and discussions, including the processing of participants’ case studies.

A Metaplan certificate documenting your participation in the seminar.

Arbeiten in Kleingruppen
Arbeiten in Kleingruppen während des Professional Programms ©J. Steinhoff
©A. Kern

What makes it stand out?

  • This seminar is part of the moderation training program, but it can also be booked on its own.
  • The transfer of content begins in the seminar as we take up work on the case studies brought in by participants.
  • The in-person seminars will take place at the Metaplan Campus in Quickborn near Hamburg and in selected event locations – in compliance with all relevant hygiene rules, of course.
  • Virtual training consists of several live online sessions.
  • All training sessions will use the Metaplan learning platform, where we will provide materials for preparation and debriefing, as well as documentation for the individual seminar events. Live online sessions will be recorded, and the recordings will be available for a limited time to the participants in each seminar.
  • As a graduate of this seminar, you can also attend two optional live online sessions:„Tool-Session Moderation“ und „Orientation Session Moderation“.
For me, the Metaplan training turned the stage and gave me a look behind the scenes: how important intensive preparation is; how useful it is to tap and classify interests; the big benefit of consistent visualization and what a targeted use of tools looks like. Since this effective training I have actually been able to do spot landings in workshops and discourses.
Claudia Demel

Claudia Demel

Kunstmuseum Basel, Head of Visitor Services

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Training on Workshop Design?

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