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Tool Session Moderation

There are rules according to which interactions function well. When we look at in-person and online formats, we have to ask ourselves the following questions: Which techniques can I apply, and when? What adjustments do we need to make when switching between online and in-person formats? If you have these kinds of questions and would like to gain an overview of which tools can provide particularly effective support in online moderation, then we would like to welcome you to a Tool Session! This is session is free of charge to participants who have already attended a Metaplan moderation seminar. If you book a Tool Session within twelve months of participating in a moderation seminar, then we will waive the fee!

Who is the seminar meant for?

The Tool Session is the right seminar for you if you want to acquire an overview of approaches and helpful tools for online moderation, and if you have further questions about this subject.

What will you learn?

  • What are the special challenges related to digital moderation?
  • How can you use Metaplan interaction techniques online?
  • Which programs and tools does Metaplan use for online moderation, in addition to conventional web conference tools?
  • What tips and tricks should you be aware of when using these programs and tools?
  • What should you pay special attention to when you first apply these techniques?
This seminar is part of a program. Metaplan Moderation Program

What will you take away?

Specific, concrete information – custom-tailored to your questions and challenges.

Specific recommendations for action – from practitioners, for practitioners.

References to further materials – including templates that you can use right away.

Opportunities for collegial exchange with moderators from Metaplan and elsewhere.

Tips and tricks – so that the tools help, and discourses also function online.

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

What makes it stand out?

  • The session is conducted online.
  • You will have ample opportunity to ask your specific questions.
  • Metaplanners (and other participants) will share their knowledge and experiences with you.
  • This session will also be carried out on the Metaplan learning platform. We will provide information there as well as a transcript of the session.

Price and dates

Are you interested in

Tool Session Moderation?

Our contact persons are there for you.

This seminar is a part of a program

The Metaplan facilitation training consists of three seminars and additional offerings. You should start the training with the “Training Moderation” seminar; the order of the other seminars is up to you.

Metaplan Moderation Program

The Metaplan Moderation Programm for those who want to take the lead in discourses: moderation techniques, workshop design and discourse strategy.


In-person, remote


3 seminars + additional sessions


German, English

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