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Jacqueline Radtke

Focus areas

  • Organizational development
  • Change Management and Organisational Transformation
  • Cultural and structural change
  • Public enterprise and administration
  • Public Health
  • Nonprofits

Working languages

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
Everything always becomes a little different right away when you say it.

Hermann Hesse


Jacqueline accompanies her clients in organizational development and transformation processes. She advises on the establishment of suitable organizational structures, processes and leadership structures, on the design of organizational culture, and on the definition and implementation of strategies and mission statements.  In order for changes to succeed, it is important for her to keep a sensitive eye on all relevant stakeholders and to find good processes and formats for discursive involvement. Prior to Metaplan, she worked in strategy and policy consulting in the stakeholder-intensive field of public health. Most recently, Jacqueline accompanied public sector clients at the federal, state, and local levels as well as non-profit organizations in strategy development and (re)organizational projects. Jacqueline studied sociology and social sciences.

Personal Interests

As an outdoor person, Jacqueline laces up her hiking boots at every opportunity. She loves to go on multi-day mountain tours in alpine heights or in the spectacular expanse of Scandinavia. She is also enthusiastic about cycling or canoeing tours in the nearby countryside of Brandenburg. When it is all too uncomfortable outside – and actually not only then – she finds inspiration in classic or new literature.