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Finn-Rasmus Bull

Focus areas

  • Post-bureaucratic organizations
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Metal industry
  • Public sector

Working languages

  • English
  • German
You cannot think without writing; at least not in a sophisticated way capable of making connections.

Niklas Luhmann


Finn-Rasmus Bull (born 1988) is a social scientist and sociologist. Since 2017, he has been consulting at Metaplan on reorganizations, organizational culture, and strategy development. His industry focus is on automotive suppliers, the metal industry, and public companies. In addition, he deals with questions around post-bureaucratic organizing in consulting projects, publications and lectures.

Personal interests

Finn spends his free time with family and friends. Otherwise you will likely find him in second-hand bookshops, wherever there is good food, and on Sundays on the soccer field, playing leisure league soccer.