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Isabell Hager

Domaines principaux

  • Life Science Industry
  • Insurance industry
  • Systems engineering

Langues de travail

  • Allemand
  • Anglais
You can occupy a point of view, but you shouldn’t get too comfortable.

Erich Kästner


Isabell Hager (born 1989) studied Organizational Studies at the Free University of Amsterdam and Cultural and Communication Studies at Zeppelin University on Lake Constance. Her interest in competing discourse strategies in organizations led her to Metaplan in 2016, where she consults on market exploration, strategy work, and cultural change in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and in public sector organizations.

Personal interests

In her free time, the desire to create never stops. She is also a trained carpenter and enjoys sculpting wood. When the woodchips are not flying, she likes to cook with friends and, in good weather, pushes her reading chair out onto the balcony to read.