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Ines Vogel

Domaines principaux

  • Healthcare
  • Instituts de recherche
  • Industrie pharmaceutique
  • Medical technology
  • Social economy
  • Public enterprise and administration

Langues de travail

  • Allemand
  • Anglais
  • Français
Innovation is at home on the edge.

Christian Gärtner/Sabine Lederle


Ines Vogel (born 1980) is a historian and political scientist. She has worked at Metaplan since 2015 and was previously press spokesperson and head of communications at a large charity. Stakeholder management and strategy development are her hobbyhorses. The more sensitive the field and the more complex the problem, the better.

She also writes and consults on leadership challenges in special constellations, e.g. at a distance or in dealing with professions. Her industry focus is on life sciences, the social economy and the public and quasi-public sector.

Personal interests

Extensive volunteer work in politics and associations has shaped Ines. Since moving from Dresden to Hamburg, she’s been focused on children’s soccer and the school booster club. In doing so, she can enjoy herself just as much as she does playing bocce and making music.