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Dr. Christopher Mächel

Domaines principaux

  • Leadership
  • Culture design
  • New organizational operating systems
  • Transformation
  • Automotive industry
  • Research

Langues de travail

  • Allemand
  • Anglais
Solutions lie in changing interactions.

de Shazer et al. (1986)


Dr. Christopher Mächel (born 1987) studied psychology with a focus on business and clinical psychology in Vienna and Chicago. After completing his doctorate at the Technical University of Munich on the topic of leadership, he accompanied companies in transformation processes for New Work and Agility. At Metaplan, he consults in particular on topics such as strategy, leadership and culture. One of the core issues of his work is the design of leadership in the area of tension between people and organization.

Personal interests

Throughout the year, Christopher can be found in silent monasteries, sporting excursions or in one of the many parks in various cities. Especially the principle of bodyweight training enables him to create opportunities for physical balance everywhere and at any time. If he then finds someone to play bad chess in the sun with good music, the day is perfect.