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Dr. Bennet van Well

Domaines principaux

  • Post-merger integration
  • Strategy development
  • Transformation
  • Top management teams
  • Life Science Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Service industry

Langues de travail

  • Allemand
  • Anglais
Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions.

Henry Mintzberg


Dr. Bennet van Well (born 1967) holds a degree in economics. He has been a MetaPlanner since 2008 and a partner since 2014. He has worked as an organizational consultant at Schering and as Executive Assistant to the CEO, first at Schering and then in the context of the post-merger integration at Bayer. Before that, he was an organizational researcher and wrote his doctoral thesis on entrepreneurial networks of knowledge-intensive service providers. He advises CEOs and top management teams primarily on strategy processes, but also on organizational design and change. His areas of focus are mechanical engineering, the pharmaceutical industry, the financial industry and professional service firms.

Personal interests

Aside from spending time with his family and friends, Bennet enjoys the outdoors. He appreciates good food – including food that he has cooked himself. Apart from that, he is a voracious reader – once a book has grabbed his attention, he doesn‘t let go of it anytime soon.