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Christoph Nahrholdt

Christoph Nahrholdt

Domaines principaux

  • Cooperations
  • Joint Ventures M&A
  • Strategy and organization consulting
  • Lateral leadership/conflict moderation
  • Management and personnel development
  • Qualification programs for executives

Langues de travail

  • Allemand
  • Anglais
  • Français
Things are not always as they seem. The beauty of the obvious often lies in what is hidden.

Adapted from Phaedrus, Roman writer of fables (20 BC)


Christoph Nahrholdt (born 1968) holds a degree in Business Administration and European Studies. After holding management positions at Bertelsmann, he was a partner in a management development consulting firm. Since 2007 he has been working for Metaplan, now as a freelance consultant. He also consults on socially relevant topics in the area of social impact and education projects.

Personal interests

Lively family adventures, visiting friends, small trips, specialty coffee, craft beer, cycling and yoga are Christoph’s sources of energy and enjoyment. Music of all kinds provides the right beat in all walks of life. He is a supporter and volunteer with the international artist group, “ART at WORK.”