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Antje Gardyan

Domaines principaux

  • Media and communication
  • Industry and trade
  • Health Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Digital industry

Langues de travail

  • Allemand
  • Anglais
The world is full of solutions.


Antje Gardyan *1967 holds a degree in business administration and has been a metaplanner as well as a systemic consultant and top management coach since 2008. Previously, she worked for 13 years in various management positions as a brand and media manager, including at Gruner + Jahr and Burda, and in customer consulting for several large advertising agencies.

Today, as an organizational developer, she advises companies and their managers on strategy and structural issues and the associated change processes.

Managing demographic change in organizations, issues of midlife performance & longevity, and building thriving structures for the strategic establishment, retention and development of a multigenerational workforce is an additional focus of her work. Antje Gardyan is a non-fiction author on the topic.

Personal interests

Antje lives with her family in Hamburg. She enjoys traveling in countries that bear little resemblance to Germany and in cities that could present serious competition for Hamburg, for instance Barcelona. She likes to try out new recreational activities; in addition to sailing and horseback riding, she also paddles on the Elbe River in small kayaks next to large boats from all over the world. However, it would all be for nothing if not for the time she spends with friends and family.