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Adrian Kohler

Langues de travail

  • Allemand
  • Anglais
  • Français


Adrian Kohler worked for more than ten years as a journalist, correspondent, editor and head of programming for Swiss radio and television. 2001 he took over the management of the event marketing and sponsoring department of Credit Suisse Private Banking and, during this time, set up — among other things — the large bank’s involvement with Formula 1. He then switched over to the Schweizerischen Bundesbahn SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) where he held various management functions in marketing, corporate communication and corporate development. Adrian Kohler studied journalism at the Swiss journalism school of MAZ, political and administrative science at Fern University in Hagen/D and possesses a Masters in Governance, as well as a CAS in strategic management from St. Gallen University.

Personal interests

Adrian Kohler is an avid reader and primarily interested in American and German literature. He is also a passionate double-bass player and performs regularly in various jazz ensembles. He has remained true to his love of radio; as a member of the “Non-fiction Book Trio”, he regularly presents new releases from the worlds of business, society and management on the cultural station SRF2.