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Metaplan Moderation Program


  • In-person, remote


  • 3 seminars + additional sessions


  • German, English

If you want to advance teams, project groups and thus the organization, you have to ensure productive exchange – both in person and online! In the facilitation program, we teach you everything you need to be able to prepare and facilitate meetings, workshops, or larger discourses in a planned manner – from the basic interaction techniques to the complete discourse strategy – always with reference to your concrete concerns and experiences.

Who is the program for?

If you want to become a moderator, or systematize and deepen existing expertise, and also want to familiarize yourself comprehensively with the tools of good moderation and their application – then we will gladly accompany you on your way to becoming a certified Metaplan moderator!

What will you learn?

At Metaplan, we have been using the moderation method in face-to-face events for five decades and online for many years. In this time, we have never stopped developing the method further and adapting and supplementing it to meet new requirements. We convey the essence of this extensive experience in the three seminars that comprise the Moderation Program.

What are the takeaways?

What do good discourses do, and how do you create them?

How do you develop workshop dramaturgies and discourse strategies?

How do you visualize inputs, conversations during group work and workshops and secure discussion results?

How do you apply basic and complex interaction techniques?

How do you tap into the thought patterns of stakeholders and groups of stakeholders?

©A. Kern
©A. Kern

What does the training consist of?

  • The Metaplan Moderation Program includes the three seminars “Training Moderation,” “Training Workshop Design” and “Training Discourse Strategy.”
  • You can freely choose the order of the training sessions and mix face-to-face and online formats as you like!
  • You won’t be alone in taking the content and applying it, because we already start doing that in the seminar. In every training session, we assign central importance to the application to specific case studies brought in by participants. You will benefit especially if you bring in your own case study and put it up for discussion – the more often the better!
  • We provide individual support before, during, and after the training. We are available to you for an orientation meeting before the training starts, we give personal feedback after each session, advise you on the preparation of a specific moderation scenario, and reflect with you on your experiences and perspectives after the training is complete.
  • Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate as a Metaplan Moderator.
The Metaplan moderation training was an absolute enrichment. The intellectual acuity, the organizational sociological expertise and the wide range of experience of the trainers as well as the specific Metaplan techniques enable structured stakeholder complex and intensive workshops and discourses. I would like to thank the extremely friendly and clever team for this lasting experience! Makes you want more and creates real added value.
Raffaela Seitz

Raffaela Seitz

Co-Lead Cross Innovation Hub, Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

The seminars

Orientation Session Moderation
©A. Kern

In the orientiation session, you learn more about our Metaplan Moderation seminars. We answer your questions about the moderation, workshop design and discourse strategy seminars.

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Training Moderation
©A. Kern

This seminar enables you to moderate sucessfully and to lead meetings and workshops systematically.

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Training Workshop Design
Arbeiten in Kleingruppen
©J. Steinhoff

The seminar enables you to design workshops purposeful and to lead them with a sovereign attitude.

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Training Discourse Strategy
©A. Kern

This seminar enables you to develop and control discourse strategies.

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Tool Session Moderation
©A. Kern

The tool session gives an overview about techniques and tools for online moderation.

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Metaplan Moderation Program?

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