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Celine Geckil

Aree di interesse

  • Management Innovation
  • Strategy development
  • Digitization in the public sector
  • Post-bureaucratic organizations

Working languages

  • Inglese
  • Tedesco
Walls turned sideways are bridges.

Angela Davis


Celine Geckil (1998) studied sociology and philosophy at the University of Potsdam. She worked there as a research assistant for several years in Research projects at the Chair of Organizational and Administrative Sociology.

As part of the Metaplan Gesellschaft für Verwaltungsinnovation she researches in and around public administrations with a focus on post-bureaucratic working methods and digitalization in ministerial administrations at federal and state levels. She also advises organizations in the public sector and companies in communication projects, strategy development and restructuring.

Personal Interests

When she’s not theorizing about organizations or learning new languages, Celine can be found on the running trails of Berlin, in the bouldering gym, or behind her drum kit making music.