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Johannes Schwalke

Aree di interesse

  • Strategy development
  • Business Transformation
  • Healthcare
  • Research institutions
  • Biotech & Pharma

Working languages

  • Danese
  • Inglese
  • Norvegese
  • Svedese
  • Tedesco
That is a very good question. I should not want to spoil it with an answer.

John Cage


Johannes studied Scandinavian languages, economics and political science, among others in Sweden and the USA. Before joining Metaplan he formed the interface between medicine, science and business at the Children’s Hospital of the LMU Munich. At Metaplan, he consults on sales, strategy and transformation processes, especially in the LifeSciences Squad for companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare sectors. He loves to initiate and lead discourses that result in productive action strategies and sustainable organizational solutions.

Personal interests

The Berliner enjoys hiking and sailing – preferably with his family in and around Holstein and Scandinavia. He no longer actively plays American football, but the mindset, team spirit and strategic thinking from the sport have shaped him decisively.