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Gernot Riechmann

Gernot Riechmann

Aree di interesse

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Family business
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Insurance
  • Branded consumer goods industry

Working languages

  • Inglese
  • Tedesco
If you want to reach an understanding, you first have to understand the interests and views of the actors involved – and you have to do this from their inner logic.


Gernot Riechmann (born 1950) holds a degree in administrative science. He has worked at Metaplan since 1978 and has been a partner since 1993. He advises management boards on strategy development and implementation, changing organizational structures, management development and in the field of market exploration. His industry focal points are currently the pharmaceutical, branded consumer goods and mechanical engineering industries.

Personal interests

In order to be able to forget even the most exciting customer projects for once, Gernot finds solace in golfing. Being relaxed and ambitious is his motto here.
A preference for Asian cultures and lifestyles has developed out of family ties. Knowing his way around this even better is on his personal preference list.