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Tabea Koepp

Aree di interesse

  • Media
  • Logistics
  • Administrations
  • The military and the police

Working languages

  • Inglese
  • Tedesco
The ability to marvel at the course of the world is a prerequisite for the possibility of asking about its meaning

Max Weber


Tabea Koepp (born 1988) studied German and Sociology at the University of Bielefeld. She has gained professional experience in various copy editing and publishing positions. She has been working as a consultant at Metaplan since 2015. In addition to her work at Metaplan, she is currently teaching and completing her doctorate at the University of Bielefeld, on the subject of organized violence.

Personal interests

As soon as she has free time, Tabea usually packs her backpack and travels the world with her dog Gizmo – preferably in the middle of nature in secluded forests or on lonely coasts to pass the time there with reading, writing, handicrafts, drawing or music.