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Eva Zepp

Eva Zepp

Aree di interesse

  • Innovation
  • Culture design
  • Participation processes

Working languages

  • Inglese
  • Tedesco
In contrast, the principle that doubt should always be permitted applied in Quickborn from the very beginning.

P. W. Tügel on the “Quickborn Team,” 1968


Dr. des. Eva Zepp studied art and cultural studies in Friedrichshafen, St. Andrews and Cambridge. Before joining Metaplan, she developed and accompanied learning and participation formats in cultural organizations, foundations and academia in various positions. Since 2020, she has consulted at Metaplan on transformation processes, strategy development, and organizational culture. In addition, she researches, teaches and publishes on the “planning of planning” in architecture and on methods in the field of Visual Studie.

Personal interests

In her free time, Eva can be found in museums, archives, or on extended forays through the city and countryside, tracking down alternative city plans with young people – and several times a year in classrooms, youth hostels, or school auditoriums, where she lends a hand for various associations and educational initiatives.