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Robin Sturhahn

Langues de travail

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Ask your advisors what you should do. If they give you a definitive answer, fire them!

James March


Robin Sturhahn (born 1998) studies(s) sociology in Bielefeld and Bologna. While studying sociology in Bielefeld, he worked at a social research institute to learn more about empirically recording social realities. He also started a small business with his friends in 2019, creating websites for local businesses and associations. In March 2020, he began research with a research group on the post-bureaucratic organizational concept Holacracy. The results were published in an edited volume in February 2023. Currently, he is looking at the differences between online and offline interactions and developing advice for using interaction software in organizations.

Personal Interests

Robin loves to read in cafes or on his balcony. Together with his friends he likes to discuss current political events, visit festivals or make music with them. He also enjoys swimming, preferably in natural swimming lakes.