Prof. Dr. Stefan Kühl

Don’t try to change people’s behavior, change their environment instead.
(Wolfgang Schnelle)


Dr. Stefan Kühl (b. 1966) is professor of organizational sociology at the University of Bielefeld. He joined Metaplan as an organizational consultant in 1992. His consulting work involves businesses, public administrations, government agencies, and universities – particularly in questions pertaining to strategy and organizational development. He has written several best-selling books on organizational topics and is the author of a textbook entitled “Organizations. A Systems Approach” (Gower 2013).

Personal interests

Even though an ankle injury is causing him a temporary setback, Stefan is normally a passionate basketball and volleyball player.
At the University of Bielefeld, he is currently focused primarily on devising a sociological explanation for the way “normal everyday men” behaved during the Holocaust.

Working languages

German, English, French, Spanish

Focus areas

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