Ines Vogel


Ines Vogel (born in 1980) is a historian and political scientist. She joined Metaplan in 2015, having previously been the press officer and head of communications at a large charitable organization. She specializes in stakeholder management in highly sensitive areas, both internally and externally. It matters to her that the focus is less on polishing an image until it’s squeaky clean and more on making an impact inside organizations, promoting understanding, and influencing change.
Her work focuses on life sciences, social enterprise, and the public sector.

Personal interests

Ines’ personality has been shaped by her many volunteering commitments, both in politics and associations. Following her move from Dresden to Hamburg, she has once again started small and now manages the kids’ team in which her soccer-crazy son plays. She herself plays the clarinet and is currently considering whether to set up a choir with like-minded people or whether to establish a boules club.

Working languages

German, English, French

Focus areas

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