Gernot Riechmann

As a basis to create shared understanding between different players within an organization, you need to comprehend their interests and the rationale of their actions – namely their inner logic.


Gernot Riechmann (b. 1950) holds a degree in public management and governance. He joined Metaplan in 1978 and has been a partner since 1993. He consults executive committees in the areas of strategy development and implementation, organizational redesign, management development, and market exploration. Currently, his sector focus includes pharmaceuticals, brand-name consumer goods, and the mechanical engineering industry.

Personal interests

When Gernot needs to put some distance between himself and his consulting work – even the most stimulating projects – he turns to the game of golf for balance. Here, his motto is: be ambitious, but relax.
Gernot’s family ties have given him a special appreciation of Asian culture and lifestyle. Deepening his knowledge in this area ranks high on his personal preference list.

Working languages

German, English

Focus areas

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