Jens Kapitzky


Jens Kapitzky (born in 1965) trained to be a printer and a bookseller before going on to study Communication Science, German Studies, and Political Science. He then spent 15 years working in the Education department of Klett-Verlag. Most recently, he worked for five years as the Managing Director of Österreichischer Bundesverlag. During this period, his focus was on the continuous development of corporate strategy and the development of new digital business models, as well as the strategies these entail. He then took on a new perspective and a new role, becoming a consultant instead of a consulting executive. He joined Metaplan in 2015.

Personal interests

Jens was born and raised in Leipzig. Following a spell in the Ruhr Valley, he moved to Vienna, where he still lives today. Were he to move again, he would continue to import his wine from Austria, go skiing in the winter, and hiking in the mountains in summer. What’s more, he would miss the diversity of Viennese bookstores.

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