Dr. Frank Ibold


Dr. Frank Ibold (b. 1965) is a historian and joined Metaplan in 1996. He consults on sales issues, strategy development, and leadership topics. His sector focus includes the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, research institutions, and the public sector. He publishes on topics such as change management, shared services, and lateral leadership.

Personal interests

Frank is enthusiastic about any form of outdoor recreation, from dining with friends and family in his back yard, to cycling tours, boating and sailing on the Alster and Elbe Rivers, or simply strolling through the streets of Hamburg. When he’s away from Hamburg, his favorite places are wherever Spanish or French are spoken.

Working languages

German, English, Spanish, French

Focus areas

Contact information



+49. 4106. 617-0


+49. 4106. 617-251


+49. 172. 452 0502

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