Timothy Doheny


Tim joined Metaplan in 2017 after completing a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. He first became interested in organizational behavior and corporate strategy from his time managing teams in restaurants and bookstores and helping to craft the vision of a non-profit organization. These experiences drove him to think more deeply about why we work and what really makes organizations tick. During his graduate studies, he interned with a software development company in Silicon Valley and assisted in research related to conflict resolution and intractable conflicts at Columbia University.

His organizational interests include cross-functional leadership, work-unit climate, and organizational culture. Tim has worked with Metaplan clients on a wide-range of topics including team effectiveness, competitive readiness, strategic and medical planning, and organizational change initiatives.

Personal interests

In his free time, Tim does his best to manage his obsessions with football (soccer) and science fiction. On the weekends, you can find him glued to a football match (either on the pitch or the couch) or outside somewhere curled up with a book. He prides himself on the quality of his pour-over coffee and his ability to invariably find a great slice of Pizza.

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