Dr. Wiebke Gronemeyer

“Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes it visible.” Paul Klee


Dr. Wiebke Gronemeyer (1983) studied philosophy and cultural science. Before starting at Metaplan, she held various positions at the intersection between art and business in family companies, corporations, museums and in science. The negotiation of complex processes of understanding and participation between stakeholders, each with a strong self-interest, has been a major part of her professional career. Since 2018 she advises clients in strategy and organizational development, operational management and sales orientation in the pharmaceutical, technological and public sectors.

Personal Information

Wiebke is also focused on bringing together different voices and opinions in her private life; for instance, in her work in the association of her daughters’ kindergarten, which is run by a parental initiative. Additionally, she also enjoys setting the tone in her orchestra with the oboe from time to time.

Business Languages

German, English, Spanish

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