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Question-driven thinking leads to the pursuit of new answers. In our publications, we connect topics from the management discourse with questions specific to the Life Sciences.


Fewer excuses, more courage
Change Management
Fewer excuses, more courage

The pharmaceutical industry must reorganize its market development. Yet the changes due are prevented by the same argument: Government regulation and compliance rules do not allow transformation. However, forward-thinking leaders across the industry need to know that even if formal structures seem inflexible, they can still change a lot.

Life Sciences
Business Planning
All the same – but different?

“Never change a winning team” is a popular and mostly true saying in many companies. If you have been successful with the same methods and the same personnel up to now, why change anything? But this is not true for all tasks. In strategy work, in particular, you can be overly routinized.

Pill collection
Data only provide new arguments they do not provide a new objectivity

Data-driven management is gaining more and more influence in life sciences. Decision-making should be based on facts and no longer clouded by personal preference or opinion. However, seemingly objective facts rarely show any clear constraint that allows for only one course of action. Decisions will still be the outcome of limited knowledge, micropolitics, and compromises.

New strategies for market development
Change of strategy needed: Why life science sells processes, not products

When launching a new therapy, pharma companies focus almost exclusively on communicating study data and scientific knowledge. However, it is not only the product itself and the medical rationale that determine market success.

Digitization of the Life Sciences Sector
Digitization and power games
Go-to-market digitization and the redistribution of power in Life Sciences

The digitization of go-to-market channels offers the opportunity to rethink marketing and strengthen cooperation between internal services and field sales staff. But there is often some resistance to the reorganizing of customer contacts.

Strategy work
KPIs and how to measure success in changing life science markets

When organizations develop strategies, they need indicators for implementation. KPIs are traditionally used for this purpose.

Why leadership is just one way to move your organization forward

Changing routines can sometimes be attributed to successful leadership impulses. Especially when there is a great deal of uncertainty, leadership can provide orientation. But leadership alone is not enough for far-reaching changes.

CONNECT – Dialogues on Life Science Management and Markets

CONNECT is Metaplan’s print magazine on Dialogues on Life Science Management and Markets. The title of CONNECT #03 is “Game Changer or Accelerator? Don’t Blame it All on COVID-19”.

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