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Workshop Design

Preparing and Structuring Interactions

This program covers meetings, strategy debates, and processes that create changes in companies. The factors that determine the success of a workshop are goal-oriented preparation and structuring. They include contractual negotiations with clients to define the goals and limitations of the assignment. Exploratory talks are also important. This is where you clarify how the participants perceive their situation, as well as potential solutions. Our training program teaches you to design and lead workshops with total confidence. It is important to remember that workshops are more than a one-sided exchange; they require a joint effort by the participants to develop collaborative solutions and ideas. A workshop is most likely to succeed if you think through all the stakeholder perspectives in advance and incorporate corresponding arguments into the structure of your session.

During our practice exercises, you have an opportunity to perfect these skills. You practice structuring a workshop using small group sessions and a plenum, as well as enhancing and recording the results. We teach you to structure topics in ways that produce results quickly, and to bypass difficult situations. What’s more, we show you additional Metaplan tools that you can combine with your discussion plan to structure interactions and steer them toward a goal.

This training program requires basic knowledge of moderation that you can acquire in our seminar entitled „Moderation. Leading structured discussions”, if need be.

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March 17–18, 2020

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Duration | Cost
2 days I EUR 1,200
(plus EUR 100 for catering / Trainings) in Zurich totaling
CHF 1,750 / if the case may be, plus VAT

Contact Person:
Odette Schiller
P +49 (4106) 617-188

In English only available as in-house seminar


What participants are saying about the "Workshop Design" training

Jan Schütte
PR Consultant and Trainer, js:kommunikation, Hamburg

I hit the jackpot with this workshop

My decision to do this workshop was spot on. The content tied into my existing experience, I was inspired by the many new didactic-method ideas covered and I gained valuable transferrable knowledge for specific projects. The trainer created a learning environment that was both dynamic and motivating.

Marcus Völkel
Senior management/Creative direction, interactive tools GmbH, Berlin

The facilitation approach is directly applicable

As a small group of motivated participants together with a highly-qualified Metaplan consultant, we of course generated lots of practical applications. We even managed to spend some time on individual issues during the two days. Afterwards, I found I could directly apply the Metaplan approach in my day-to-day work.

Dr. Henning Bilhuber
Coaching/Consulting/Training, Freiburg

Back to basics

The Workshop Design course at Metaplan was a very pleasant alternative to all the pizzazz and showmanship I’ve encountered with other organizational consultants. A clever return to basics is essential in order to take the time you need without wasting it. I found everything from the finer details of the initial client discussion right through to the closing workshop question highly relevant to my work. I have made what I learnt key to my own daily consultancy business.

Beata Głąba
Special Projects
Grid Planning, Westnetz GmbH,

This is a different approach to designing workshops. It’s both interactive and goal oriented

Workshops often involve nothing more than someone running through a pre-prepared presentation. It’s rare that topics are thought through as a group. But there is another way to design workshops, with broad-based interaction, and it’s geared to producing new results.

Martin Schaaf
Stage Manager OCT,
Colt Technology Servies GmbH,
Frankfurt am Main

Successful workshops

After our exercises with the expert Metaplan consultant—using cases from our own business—the Metaplan technique immediately proved its worth. All of the workshops were a great success. They taught me exactly how to prepare workshops, lead them with complete self-assurance, and conduct a smart evaluation afterwards.

Christiane Ewel
Head of International Marketing,
in.vent Diagnostica GmbH,
Henningsdorf near Berlin

To this day, my colleagues are still impressed

The Metaplan consultant was very flexible, tailoring the training to our needs. As a result, we were able to apply the Metaplan method immediately after the session. I grasped how effective workshops can become when they are linked to a visual presentation. My colleagues continue to be impressed to this day.