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re:organize – a community insights exchange

On the Pain and Gain of Silo Structures in Life Sciences.

Organizations react very differently to the pace of innovation, new technologies, and market changes. In some organizations, innovations that have lived a long informal life are now asserting themselves in structural terms. Other organizations fall back into silo structures and put on their functional blinders. We want to look at medical affairs organizations as a symptomatic example of how the purpose and role of a function can foster change in an organization.

Keynote speakers will provide insights into specific organizational changes at a global and regional level – from the perspective of medical affairs organizations as representative of the organizational changes all pharmaceutical companies are undergoing.

Who is the insights exchange aimed at?

Executives from the life science industry who are facing the challenge of shaping medical affairs organizations and adjoining functions; having to deal with cross-functional collaboration from clinical development to post-launch activities in a changing market environment; looking for new ways to deal with the division of labor in the life science industry.

What insights will we share?

  • A comprehensive understanding of the organizational dynamics when medical affairs or other functions assume a new strategic role.
  • Individual experiences from experts in different companies on what organizational changes have been successful in the recent past.
  • We will reveal patterns from selected examples in the industry and degeneralize how organizations have adapted to changes in the ecosystem.

What questions will we explore?

What are the consequences of the division of labor for medical affairs organizations in changing environments?

What value do medical affairs organizations deliver to the healthcare ecosystem?

How do faster innovation cycles impact the colla­boration between clinical development and medical affairs organizations?

What are the factors for successful collaboration in affiliates between medical affairs organizations at a global and regional level?

What discourse among stakeholders is needed to put ideas into practice?

What impact are new technologies having on organizational power dynamics?

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