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Leading and consulting through discourse

Understanding how organizational structures work:
your structures.

The qualification program “Leading and Consulting through Discourse” is specifically geared to entrepreneurs, executives, and consultants who are required to move projects or strategic developments forward. The program centers on mastering complex processes and the enhancement of leadership qualities. As part of this process, you keep your own specific organizational context in mind, not least because it is often not the ideas behind initiatives that cause them to fail, but the visible and invisible structures and players they involve. Our qualification program deepens your understanding of your own organization and broadens your focus to include power structures, local rationalities, interests, trust, and micro-politics. You learn how to recognize contradictions in your organization, create forums that deal with tension, and transform it into new set of dynamics.

The curriculum
“Leading and Consulting through Discourse” is a part-time qualification program. It entails a total of 21 days of attendance at our seminar center in Quickborn, near Hamburg, and is divided into five modules spread over eight months, plus two case supervisions. Each module is designed to be applied directly to your own business activities or consulting project. You carefully examine the initial situation, the goals, the various stakeholder perspectives, and the chances of success; then develop potential courses of action.

With the exception of the International Strategy Seminar, the open Qualification Program is only available in German, bookable via our German website. As inhouse education program is also available in English, French and German.

Exclusive offer for participants in the full program
Include your choice of 2 case supervisions or
a combination of 1 case supervision and a seminar on
„Developing Missions Statements“


Do you want to be certain that our qualification program matches your needs and will meet your expectations? In that case, you should attend our orientation workshop. This is where we introduce ourselves and the content of our programs - and answer your questions in person.


The alumni network
Enrollment into the Metaplan Alumni Network follows presentation of the Certificate of Completion. The network consists of graduates of previous classes; Metaplan consultants working in our offices in Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, and the USA; associate Metaplan consultants; clients and friends from academia. Alumni take part in project supervisions and regularly share their experience and knowledge through events and digital platforms.

cycle 2020/21
cycle 2021/22:
May 15–16, 2020
Apr 16–17, 2021
Sep 02–05, 2020
Sep 15–18, 2021
Nov 12–14, 2020
Nov 11–13, 2021
Jan 20–23, 2021
Jan 19–22, 2022
Mar 16–17, 2021
Mar 03–04, 2022
Apr 22–24, 2021
Apr 28–30, 2022
May 04–05, 2021
May 19–20, 2022
Module 5 – Leading projects
Jun 10–12, 2021
Jun 23–25, 2022


Contact Person:
Charlotte Rosendahl
P +49 (4106) 617-182


The cost of the entire program is EUR 15,800 for corporate participants plus VAT. Private participants qualify for a 30% discount and pay EUR 11.060. This includes the five modules, specifically two 4-day modules and three 3-day modules. In addition there are two optional formats without obligation to be present. One optional format, i.e. the seminar on „Developing Missions Statements” as well as any single module can be booked individually, depending on availability. The 4-day module costs EUR 3.800 (for private participants EUR 2.660). The 3-day module costs EUR 3.000 (for private participants EUR 2.100). The 2-day optional seminar on „Developing Missions Statements” costs EUR 2.000 (for private participants EUR 1.400). Full board is charged at EUR 70 per day. Full board for the entire program is charged at a flat rate of EUR 1,400. The cost of the orientation workshop (EUR 500) is deducted from the cost of the entire program.

What participants are saying about „Leading and Consulting through Discourse”

Kristian Evers
Partner, Papier- und Kartonfabrik
Varel GmbH, Varel


I’ve taken all the courses. Shame I can’t take any more!

Every module in the qualification program was an „Aha! experience” for me, and supplied eye-opening answers to questions about the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur. My understanding of organizations in general - and of my own firm in particular - got significantly sharper. In terms of hands-on application, I found it especially helpful to discuss the potential and limitations of different degrees of the division of labor. It’s too bad that I’ve finished the program now. Fortunately, there are alumni meetings where our learning process continues.

Werner Hillebrand
Managing Partner,
Hillebrand Coating GmbH,


Good bye, old school

The greater the complexity of a company and the higher the educational level of its employees, the less effective old-school decision-making processes become. As a result, I was looking for integrated management methods that would let me implement decision-making processes better and faster. And that brought me to Metaplan. The informal and highly client-oriented atmosphere at Metaplan transformed this training program into an extraordinary experience. Since my involvement with Metaplan, I can’t imagine my day-to-day business dealings without their discussion technique.

Monika Balz
Pricing Manager for D-A-CH [Germany, Austria, and Switzerland],
Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH,


Expanding my conceptual space

By focusing on the potential conflicts arising from micro-political interests, this seminar provides a clear view of issues that can be resolved through changes in organizational structure. It also addresses conflicts, which can be addressed through discourse, but may have to remain unresolvable. What I found equally interesting and helpful was to look at participants as „players” and not „people”. Metaplan teaches you that as well.

Dr. Ulrike Stedtnitz
President, your life.GmbH,


Instructive, stimulating, and personally enriching

For me, each individual Metaplan module was a highlight. Not only was the content of the qualification program concise, compact, and convincingly structured; the program was also excellently moderated and provided numerous opportunities for the discussion of professional issues. The underlying framework was perfectly organized. From the tasty delicacies that accompanied us throughout the program, to the inspiring and thematically relevant visits to companies in downtown Hamburg. But the icing on the cake, in my opinion, was the equally instructive and personally enriching exchange of ideas with colleagues during the course. As a result, I can only recommend the qualification program in the highest terms.

Jochen Lebkücher
Managing Partner for Strategy/Art Direction
neuland frankfurt GmbH – die dritte
gehirnhälfte®, Frankfurt am Main


A fresh perspective

The qualification program gave me a new, sharper perspective on the processes, decisions, and developments that take place within organizations. Anyone who initiates or even facilitates change in organizations/corporations will receive an important set of tools that will enable him to provide guidance, support, and orientation.