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Dramaturgy Sparring

Ideal preparation for your next meeting or an upcoming workshop

The executive team’s next strategy conference is coming up; the kick-off meeting for an important project is being planned; you’re facing a difficult discussion in which you have to convince your partners; an off-site executive meeting is up next … Whenever a situation calls for more than a simple mutual exchange of information; enlisting business partners, colleagues, and employees; or hinges on reaching agreement on, and securing participation in, new courses of action; or even entails breaking down resistance; that’s when preparation is crucial to success. Preparation requires that you anticipate the perspectives of all the stakeholders involved, formulate the right questions, and design a dramaturgy that will create optimal working conditions.

As you prepare for your event, we provide targeted support and point out the obstacles to a successful moderation. In dramaturgy sparring, we develop a master plan for the moderation of your event based on your existing planning and goals. This enables you to assume leadership of the discussion with the complete self-confidence that stems from perfect preparation. After the rehearsal, we go home, and the stage is yours.

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What participants are saying about "Dramaturgy Sparring"

Dipl.-Ing. Uwe A. Carstensen
Urban Development Engineer,
Architecture, City of

We developed new ideas together

My interaction with Metaplan enabled me to refine my concept for a large group event for up to 200 participants. Dramaturgy Sparring clearly pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of my ideas and sharpened my implementation strategy. Together, we developed ideas that not only served the purposes of the event sponsor, but also increased participants’ interest. This was a major correction step—both highly efficient and enormously helpful!

Director of strategic planning,
energy sector

An important step toward a strategy

Our long-term strategy process began with the employees. They were the source of the creative ideas we gathered in the initial workshops, structured together with Metaplan, and consolidated for a second workshop at management level. Metaplan helped us prepare for the workshops. Thinking through a workshop properly, along with its organizational context—that was the actual challenge we mastered together. In the workshops themselves, the Metaplan method was a success. It resulted in the kind of interactivity that you can’t achieve with PowerPoint. In addition to generating a host of new ideas, we have now brought our employees on board as well.