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Leading Structured Discussions

Good moderation enables participants to communicate with one another in a way that allows them to candidly express their differing views and standpoints. It is important to observe certain rules during discussions, even if only to avoid endless and often frustrating debates. Metaplan’s interaction and discussion planning techniques give you the key tools you need. We show you how to create discussion plans that give you greater confidence as a moderator, to set discussion goals, and to correctly allocate time. Furthermore, we train you in indispensable basic techniques such as card questions, call-up questions, and raising propositions. For example, you learn how to create a visual record of a discussion using a moderation board. The use of cards helps you break statements down into their basic units, then capture and recombine them. In addition, recording statements in writing allows you to objectify discussions. A constant point of reference, it helps your participants understand complex relationships.

You also learn how the skillful application of Metaplan techniques can resolve contradictions, clarify differences of opinion, and give you confidence in difficult moderation situations. During the practice sessions, you have the opportunity to try out the methods you have learned while we provide constructive feedback on-the-spot.

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January 21–22, 2020

Quickborn (German)

April 28–29, 2020

Quickborn (English)

June 08–09, 2020

Düsseldorf (German)

August 31–01, 2020

Quickborn (German)

November 24–25, 2020

Munich (German)

Duration | Cost
2 days I EUR 1,200
(plus EUR 100 for catering / Trainings) in Zurich totaling
CHF 1,750 / if the case may be, plus VAT

Contact Person:
Odette Schiller
P +49 (4106) 617-188

In English only available as in-house seminar


What participants are saying about our „Moderation“ training

Marcus Völkel
Senior management/Creative direction, interactive tools GmbH, Berlin

Improved results that last

This Metaplan workshop brought home how structure and approach don‘t just foster a calm, safe and sensitive environment, but even more importantly, they result in better facilitation and improved results that last.

Annika Wiegand
PA to the CEO,
Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel (Varel Paper and Cardboard factory), Varel

Key contributing factor to workshop success

With the help of the Metaplan facilitation skills, I can help events and workshops run more successfully. Discussions facilitated using the Metaplan approach are goal-oriented and efficient.

Dr. Henning Bilhuber
Coaching/Consulting/Training, Freiburg

Facilitation is a craft

I arrived thinking I was a good facilitator. But I left knowing what I now had to do to shape the communication process. With pens, cards and pin-boards, we got to the heart of learning and experiencing what sound craftsmanship is in the workshop. It was like a shot of caffeine for the mind that helps you tune into the details that are important and learn the difference between well-intentioned facilitation and facilitation that is actually effective.

Sarah Burmeister
PA to the Partner, Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel (Varel Paper and Cardboard Factory), Varel

Complex topics made simple

The facilitation workshop shows that when the Metaplan approach is used, complex topics can be documented in a way that is easy for everyone to understand – including in larger groups. This is also really important when it comes to reviewing topics.

Katherina Rapp
Assistant to the General Manager,
Frankfurt Book Fair,
Frankfurt am Main

Confidence when moderating under difficult circumstances

In the Metaplan seminar, I learned how moderation can do more than just reveal common ground. Today, when I rigorously apply the Metaplan structure, I know I will be successful, and this sense of security gives me the self-confidence I need to moderate under difficult circumstances.

Dr. Ferdinand von Saint André
Legal Counsel, German Federal Cultural Foundation, Halle an der Saale

Good moderation is an art

The role of the moderator demands a delicate balance between restraint and deliberate control. Metaplan allowed me to experience that balance. I took a big step forward toward mastering the art of moderation.