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Lateral Leadership

Leading without the power of authority

It is increasingly common for executives to work together without a clear hierarchy. If you are going to push through your decisions nonetheless, you have to be able to give your colleagues an incentive to cooperate. In other words, these situations call for a skillfully managed interplay of communication processes, the ability to assess potential sources of power, and the sensitive establishment of trust. This is exactly where the „Lateral Leadership“ seminar comes in. It gives you the analytical tools and instruments you need to optimize lateral interaction and perform effectively as a leader in the absence of clear power structures.

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February 25–26, 2020

Quickborn (German)

September 15–16, 2020

Frankfurt (German)

Duration | Cost
2 days I EUR 1,500
(plus EUR 140 for catering / Trainings) in Zurich totaling
CHF 1,750 / if the case may be, plus VAT

Contact Person:
Uta Kohl
P +49 (4106) 617-183

In English only available as in-house seminar


What participants are saying about the „Lateral Leadership” seminar

Josefa Haas
Sociologist/Consultant/Doer, Reflexion&Realisation (Reflection & Realisation), Zurich

Lateral leadership is an attitude

As a sociologist, the transfer from theory to practice interests me. In the Lateral Leadership workshop, I learnt methods for facilitating in organizations that were both practical and evidence-based. Lateral leadership is an attitude that hierarchical organizations also need.

Daniel Lindemann
Product Manager, Lenze SE, Hameln

Communication, Power, Trust...'Knowledge is power!'

The key to joint success often lies in understanding your counterpart and what drives them. In this very lively and interactive workshop, we learnt all about the Metaplan tools and approaches through practical examples. This really helped us identify and understand the motivations behind the behaviour of others. As a result, you can step outside the behavioural patterns of hierarchical management structures and reach a goal-oriented consensus.

Rolf Prions
Head of quality management, Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal GZF (Fricktal Health Clinic), Rheinfelden (Switzerland)

Connect all areas in a responsible way

As the executive admin for management at a health clinic, I work with all company departments without having direct authority over any of them. At Metaplan I acquired an entire toolkit that I can easily apply to a very broad range of situations.

Swantje Lahm
Coordinator for "Schreiben in den Fächern" (Writing for different subject areas) in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Bielefeld

Discover your opportunities to lead

In the Lateral Leadership workshop, I discovered realms of possibility that I never knew existed. It felt like carefully raking a lawn where more weeds than flowers grow. For me, lateral leadership now means recognising that I actually have opportunities to lead and to embrace these opportunities.

Oliver Engler
HR Manager,
Drägerwerk AG, Lübeck

Understanding and leading organizations

This seminar teaches straightforward methods that are easy to apply and are based on scientific research. Particularly in company-wide projects, I can apply these techniques to manage influence within the organization deliberately and effectively. If you want your projects to be successful, you have to understand your organization.

Andrea Renner
Director of Permitting,
WAK Rückbau und Entsorgungs GmbH,

Understanding rationalities and moving ahead together

There are many projects where you can’t rely on hierarchy-based leadership. That’s when you have to understand other people’s rationalities, influence them by asking the right questions, and then move ahead together. This seminar taught me how to do that, both theoretically and in practical terms.