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Discourse Leadership

Opening up thought patterns and changing perspectives

When moderating discussions of important topics, moderators often encounter rigid mentalities in which individuals or groups of people have – for good reason – become trapped. Their thinking makes it difficult for them to accept ideas and ways of working that they are not used to. Most visibly, this results in resistance and obstruction, and in a passive insistence on tradition. Under these circumstances, a moderator must expose the old mentalities and align them with a new, shared course of action. This turns the moderator into the leader of a discussion.

Discussion leaders don’t just ask questions. We show you how to analyze thought patterns so that you are better equipped to act on them. You will learn how to form hypotheses about the rationales of the respective stakeholders and to define where debates should lead. You will also learn how to intervene in a discussion constructively. The skill of visualizing standpoints will put you in a position to bring clarity to complex situations. You will steer discussions in the desired direction and open up new areas of activity.

This training program requires basic knowledge of moderation that you can acquire in our seminar entitled „Moderation. Leading structured discussions”, if need be.

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Duration | Cost
2 days I EUR 1,200
(plus EUR 100 for catering / Trainings) in Zurich totaling
CHF 1,750 / if the case may be, plus VAT

Contact Person:
P +49 (4106) 617-188

In English only available as in-house seminar


What participants are saying about our „Discourse Leadership” training

Anneliese Seiler
CEO, Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal (Fricktal health clinic), Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Contemporary leading with professional facilitators

Whether I‘m in a meeting, workshop, negotiation or discussion, one of my passions as CEO is to allow those around me to develop and fulfil their potential so they can make the best use of their skills and expertise. As a result, effective facilitation is a key success factor in contemporary management, and at Metaplan I was able to expand my toolkit and add some very valuable tools.

Sunnhild Holsten
HR Executive, British American Tobacco, Hamburg

Steer dialogues with the help of good preparation

To lead a dialogue effectively, a systematic analysis and understanding of the interests and opinions of others is key. With this in mind, it is possible to lead constructive communicative interactions between different parties with the help of prepared questions and questioning techniques. I went away with numerous practical ideas for both the operational and project-based tasks in my daily work.

Alexandra Lepionka
Pursuit Leader,
KPMG, Zürich

I was immediately able to apply the skills I’d been taught

Frequently, it’s my job to steer discussions toward important topics. The Metaplan seminar has proven immensely helpful in that respect. After the seminar, I was immediately able to apply the skills I acquired and once again improve my approach.

Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Klöpper
Executive Consultant,

Building Bridges of Understanding

Metaplan Discourse Leadership is the art of building bridges of understanding between different positions. The logic of asking questions provides very helpful orientation. The course sequence on leading discourse using visual argumentation gave me inspirations for my own consulting practice. In the group-sessions, the methods were tested effectively.