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Compact Training

Essential interaction techniques in two days

Our „Compact Training” program introduces you to the essential tools of effective communication.

First, you receive an overview of the methods required to lead moderated discussions. You have an opportunity to practice the key skills of visualizing discussions as they unfold, and of asking the right questions. Next, we tackle the special characteristics of workshops. Among other things, we teach you how to prepare topics in a way that enables you – by using careful, goal-directed moderation – to work toward decisions that enjoy broad support. In conclusion, we show you how to use discussions to open up participants’ differing ways of thinking and bring them closer together. Using case examples drawn from your own job, you practice applying the Metaplan tool set and structuring discussion guidelines in ways that overcome resistance.

The „Compact Training” program is especially suitable for refreshing and expanding your existing knowledge of various aspects of interaction techniques.

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March 23–25, 2020

Zurich (German)

September 29–01, 2020

Quickborn (German)

Duration | Cost
2 days I EUR 1,500
(plus EUR 100 for catering / if the case may be, plus VAT)

Contact Person:
Odette Schiller
P +49 (4106) 617-188

In English only available as in-house seminar


What participants are saying about our „Compact Training”

Anna Jacobi
freelance Online Marketing Manager, Hamburg

The compact training workshop lives up to its name

This workshop provides a short-and-sweet overview of the world of Metaplan theory using practical facilitation tools. I learned about interaction and questioning techniques with the card approach as well as how important clearly defining goals and management issues are. You gain insight into how lateral leadership works and are left curious about the other Metaplan workshops.

Dr. Jan Evers
CEO, evers & jung GmbH,
Experts for Investment Decisions,

A real opportunity to learn new ways to solve problems

This training seminar turned out to be a genuine opportunity to draw on guidance from professionals as I prepared for an important stakeholder workshop on the digitalization of a start-up consultancy. This enabled us to adapt better to reservations from participants and broaden our approach to finding solutions.

Brigitta Nickelsen
Director of Corporate Development
and Operations, Radio Bremen, Bremen

The Champions League of moderation

The Champions League of moderation The Metaplan program combines training in mental preparation for moderation with the highest level of professional execution. I use their various tools flexibly, primarily when I face complex projects or a difficult round of decisions.