Metaplan Karriere
Management Seminar

Advanced strategy work that opens your eyes
in terms of your own organization

The seminar addresses executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants who want to improve their performance in highly complex environments: you will learn a comprehensive, structured method of  directing strategies into new channels and shaping them through discourse. We provide a central skill set that will equip you to develop, communicate, and implement strategies and advise organizations effectively. The key is to understand organizations from a perspective that keeps both in view: the formal structures and the informal, micropolitical aspects. Our approach involves analyzing commonly used managerial strategy tools and expanding their range of applicability based on a discursive perspective.

You will have the opportunity to present a business case of your own during the seminar. In cooperation with Metaplan consultants and the other participants, you will analyze the underlying issues. This includes considerations of the market situation, the organizational background, a stakeholder analysis, the development process, the implementation structure, and a road map for moving ahead.

Next seminar
May 17–19, 2017
Begins at 10:00 AM on Wednesday; ends at 4:00 PM on Friday
Paris, exclusive and attractive conference venue
Duration | Price
3 days | EUR 3,500 + VAT

(includes registration, course materials and meals.
Does not cover accommodations.)


For further information, please contact
Christoph Nahrholdt (Germany)
Phone  +49 4106 6170

Christine Krys (France)
Phone  +33 6 86 17 64 92

Alanna Kaplan Muñoz (U.S.)
Phone  +1 609 688 9171

Also available as inhouse seminar



Participants’ voices

Elizabeth Kan
Director of Marketing Development,
Strategic Projects MOËT HENNESSY, LMVH Group,
Paris, France

A substantial opportunity to ensure a holistic solution

This was a substantial opportunity to learn how to develop and activate strategies in a different way, particularly:

  • taking into account positions and intentions of stakeholders for the understanding of problems
  • changing from a linear to an iterative approach
  • involving stakeholders during the entire process to gain their buy-in and support
  • revisiting the use of the classic tools, however adding the discursive approach

Overall it is the opportunity to realize the number of different realities which can exist in parallel and which need to be taken into account to ensure a holistic solution.

Clement Woon
Wattwil, Switzerland

An effective methodology to develop and implement strategies

The metaplan strategy methodology is effective to develop strategy, with your team, that will be implemented. Engaging the team right from the start on "what could be" and "what should be", helps to build meaningful contribution and alignment. The discursive way to use well known strategy tools e.g. the Balanced Scorecard is by itself educational bringing a new perspective.

Karis North
Litigator - Vermont Law School
Board of Trustees
Murphy Hesse Toomey & Lehane
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Eye-opening and fascinating

The course was eye-opening and fascinating, and completely different than any seminar I've attended in the U.S. Everyone was actively involved and the exercises were the key to bringing theory and ideas together with the practice of strategy development. Focusing on practical questions, using actual case studies of the participants, brought the discussion of theory to life. The Metaplan team itself was stellar. Each instructor was accomplished and experienced.

Ben Ang
Business Development Manager,
Matthew James International,

Working through real life cases made every step relevant for my own strategy work

This was an intensive and highly dynamic seminar with a very diverse global group of participants, in which the different views on strategy became a huge strength, as we had so many perspectives and approaches to share, and could really learn from each other. The excellent facilitators made it possible to really build on discussion points, and the seminar was well-paced throughout the days. Working through real life cases made every step of the strategy development process relevant for my own strategy work. The venue was wonderful, and the quiet and green surroundings allowed private and insightful discussions on strategy. The trip to Paris and learning more about the real challenges executives are facing in strategy development was also an absolute highlight.

Andy Niemann
Director Business Communication at
Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG

An enjoyable departure from PowerPoint.

In contrast to the widespread approach in strategy development – namely, to collect data, analyze it, reach a decision, and then take action – I found it more than enlightening to focus on the actual ideas and then to elaborate them with relevant stakeholders. In this case, it is helpful to deal with the players’ local rationalities beforehand, thus concentrating on what is really doable or can actually be implemented. In my eyes, this is the right approach – not just in terms of strategy work, but in my everyday executive affairs. The total departure from PowerPoint as a tool for conveying information was also refreshing. It helped to initiate a (constructive) discussion and exchange of ideas among the group, even within the first hour of the seminar. These were intense, instructive, and perfectly organized days, spent with very interesting people.

Gunilla Ohls
Director Corporate Strategy,
YLE Public Broadcasting,
Helsinki, Finland

Methods and discussions on a very high level.

The Metaplan seminar was a crash course in strategy and organizational theory and practice. The discursive approach, the teaching methods, and the group discussions were on an extremely high level. I received a lot of help with my case, which alone was worth investing the time. The material that we were given afterwards has also been useful. The Metaplan seminar was one of the best that I have attended in my whole career – compact and focused.